Work Related Injuries

For and employer, work related injuries are 1 of the most important topics of discussion. Unfortunate work accidents are often expensive for both the employer, the employee, while affecting the company’s safety goals. Work related injuries are often drawn out including unexpected financial burdens on the employee’s family, while costing thousands of dollars to the employer. Multi Care Plus works with employers around the area, local companies and large institutions in order to contain some of the cost involved. By closely communicating with the company’s doctors/physicians, a tight and close monitoring of the patient’s progress is maintained.

Multi Care Plus medical staff understands the importance of returning the employee back to work in a safe and stable condition. By implementing physical therapy for those physical work injuries, under the direction of a fully staffed physical therapy department, Multi Care Plus understands that the losses have to be minimized throughout the recuperation and reinstatement of the employee back to the workforce. Our Work Related Injury department specializes in creating, optimizing and a dressing of plan of care which will expedite the patient’s progress. If you are an employer looking for an exceptional medical team to treat your employees, consider Multi Care Plus in your search. We are here to help you and make the transition of the injured worker, smooth and easy, while minimizing cost.