Work Hardening

Work hardening is an interdisciplinary, individual ice, job specific program of activity with the goal of returning to work. Work hardening programs use real or simulated work tasks and progressively created conditioning exercises that are based on the individuals measured tolerances. Work hardening provides a safe transition between acute care and to successfully returning to work. The program has 90% efficiency of returning the employees back to work safely and effectively. The program is designed to improve the biochemical, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and psychosocial function of the worker.

The program includes:
1. Daily program, starting at 4 hours and progressing to 8 hours per day over 4 weeks.
2. Individualized strength and conditioning program.
3. Job specific work simulation.
4. Comprehensive education on proper body mechanics and safe work practices.
5. Job Modification Assessment.
6. Written quality assurance system.
7. Weekly team meetings.
8. Evaluation and modification of worker behavior including punctuality, attendance, direction following and interpersonal relationships.

Our Work Hardening Group is guided by practitioners who have an extensive training, ensuring consistent patient improvement. Each specialist within our department has unique attributes and skills. The complete our comprehensive program. Our team of physicians specializes in providing the patient the tools for a safe and effective return to work. Patients are supported by a friendly and knowledgeable staff of Physiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Exercise Trained Specialists and Medical Office Personnel to improve the outcome of the patient’s return to work.