Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs are second to none in the nation. While many weight loss programs are quick to send you to the treadmill, or blame the patient for not losing the weight or keeping the weight off, our approach is to identify biochemical markers which hinder or prevent the patient from reaching the goals. Weight loss is a side effect of good health! Our team focuses on uncovering the biochemical individuality of the patient while designing and implementing a uniquely designed plan that fits the patient’s metabolism. This approach will support a gentle and efficient weight loss, experience. We use basic physiological and chemical support in order to balance and optimize human physiology. Our team will start by identifying blood and urine imbalances, followed by food sensitivities.

Once these chemical markers are identified, a unique and precise nutritional plan will be tailored for the patient. This is not a diet but a permanent, learned lifestyle modification, which teaches the patient to achieve and maintain their ideal body weight. Through the use of oral and intravenous nutrition, the patient’s symptoms of low energy, obesity, inactivity, and inefficient physiological metabolism are all addressed. Once the patient reaches a balanced physiology and energy is restored, we then proceed with gentle increase in physical activity. Once you reach your ideal weight, and you are feeling more “ALIVE”, the stubborn areas where fat remains such as the love handles, the thigh area, the inner thigh, and the tummy area are all fine-tuned by our Aesthetic Department and under the supervision and guidance of a plastic surgeon.